Av Larrain 11095, La Reina

the most spectacular and unique project in Chile and South America…

At 1,000 meters above sea level, for 25 years, there has been a unique toboggan in Latin America. This was the great idea of ​​the Austrian Günter Bauer.
Günter comments: “When I arrived in Chile, 25 years ago, I couldn't speak a single word of Spanish. But I didn't care much about the linguistic. My desire to build this track was stronger than the language barrier."

The rodelbahn is approximately 1,100 yards long. It offers a special type of sports´s pleasure for all people in Santiago. Both "speed-hungry" and nature lovers, as well as those who seek peace and quiet, can enjoy wonderful views of the city, It´s a great deal!

Every year it enjoys a large number of visitors, including a many international ones. The list of Chilean celebrities who once "ventured down the toboggan" is long.